Clarity is Confidence

Create a clear path forward with a strategic plan that works in our new normal.

  • Non-profits
  • Social Impact Enterprises
  • Small Businesses

Clear Collaboration

We start with our secret sauce. Our Clear Collaboration techniques get your team in alignment so that you can work together and stay strong, no matter what happens.

Clear Strategy

Now that you’re unified, we collectively create a strategic plan that works for your entire organization
-- right where you are now.

Clear Future

Put your unified strategic plan into action and thrive into the future with clarity and confidence.

Your mission is too important to stop
(or even pause) now.

  • Have you lost income?
  • Are you unsure of how to move forward?
  • Have you had to let go valuable staff?
  • Do you have too many ideas and no focus?
  • Have donations dropped off?
  • Are you concerned your brand will lose value due to the pandemic?

Your clear path to a healthy financial future

Be Clear Now

Everything has changed in a matter of months. Your staff is nervous. Finances are in question. What was a clear path then, isn’t anymore. At CAW Consulting, we have helped hundreds of mission-focused leaders for nearly 10 years create a clear path forward with our proven method and collaborative strategic plans that work.

Strengthening Your Mission is Our Mission

We've Helped:

Hundreds of mission-focused leaders

For nearly 10 years

Increase income exponentially

Your plan to create a clear path forward in a
post-pandemic world

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Create a clear, collective plan of action that works for these times

Thrive for years to come

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