CAW Consulting will transform and sustain communities by serving and uplifting nonprofits and purpose-driven businesses.


CAW Consulting’s mission is to propel your mission with professional, personalized, triple-bottom line-inspired consulting.


Cynthia A. Wallesz, a consultant based in Boise, Idaho and Petersburg, Alaska, owns and operates CAW Consulting. Cynthia’s experience, education, and sincere desire to see people flourish, drives her success as she consults for small nonprofits and small businesses. Cynthia has owned and managed various small businesses and nonprofit organizations including a plant nursery, museum, community foundation and a salmon harvesting, processing and selling enterprise. She has seen many ideas succeed and fail in a variety of industries and firmly believes that when a business or nonprofit has a thoughtful strategic plan, they are more likely to fulfill their goals and be sustainable. One of Cynthia’s main successes is starting, growing and selling Lofoten Fish Company, a small business she and her husband owned for 13 years. With her marketing and customer service skills, and high quality and sustainable practices, Cynthia infiltrated her husband’s salmon harvest to restaurants, grocery stores and individuals throughout the United States.

In addition to experiencing various small businesses and nonprofits first hand, Cynthia received her Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Business from Green Mountain College in Vermont. Her Master’s thesis titled, “Exit Strategies for Lofoten Fish Company”, focused on strategically planning for and implementing exit strategies for small business owners including gifting, selling and liquidating.

Cynthia gets to know her clients by going to their business or organization and seeing it in action. This helps her understand their operations and special circumstances in order to serve them more effectively. Cynthia welcomes travel and may enlist additional colleagues to meet a client’s strategic, marketing or sustainability need. Thank you for your interest!