Your input and suggestions to our grant application were super super helpful and spot-on. We so appreciate your help, this has been just what we needed!!!! I fully believe we couldn’t have done this without you. Working with you has been such a valuable experience, thank you!

-Amy Little, Idaho Nonprofit Center

Your teaching style is very enjoyable and you make all feel comfortable. [The workshop ‘Strategic Planning, Modernized’] was very good information, both for newbies and advanced.” ‘I Gave You Money, Now What?’ class was very enlightening and helpful. You’re awesome!

-Irene in Petersburg, AK

Cynthia possesses a unique ability to decipher an individual’s intentions, realize them as goals and execute them using creative strategies. Her sustainable business model is innovative and insures customer satisfaction which in today’s ever-changing environment is of utmost importance.

This process can be extremely overwhelming; yet Cynthia brings her personal business style and expertise to the table providing direction and step-by-step guidelines. Her design and follow-up guarantees a successful outcome.

Cynthia has definitely found her passion in this endeavor which is obvious in her limitless enthusiasm.

-Debra, The Last Resort

I would recommend all the classes to others. ‘I Gave You Money, Now What’ was very hands-on with local examples and discussion.

-Mary in Petersburg, AK

I felt I got quite a bit out of the 2-hour class [‘What Funders Want to See] and the exercise really made me think.

-Terri in Petersburg, AK

Thank you for all you did for us, Cynthia! It was really helpful for us to sit down and really detail out what we want for our business and in what direction we want to take things. You were very good at listening to our thoughts and feelings and then rephrasing it into a concrete plan with specific direction. You are a great listener, and obviously thoughtfully considered all that we had to say and used your skills to help us create a sustainable plan for our small, growing business. Your advice will help our small business achieve economic success while still holding true to our values and ideals. We’d recommend a session with you to any small business or non-profit organization as a great way to clarify their goals and objectives and strategies for success.Marja, Farragut Farm

-Marja, Farragut Farm

Ms. Wallesz has reviewed and evaluated grant applications for WAVE on a regular basis and made valuable suggestions and comments, which have greatly strengthened and improved the content of our grant applications. These efforts have proven to be a huge benefit to our financial stability.

-Wendy Einerson, Rural Services Coordinator (past), WAVE

In just one meeting, Cynthia help us define what we needed to do to be successful in marketing our museum. She gave me a lot to think about.

-Sue, Clausen Memorial Museum